Obelia medusa (obeliamedusa) wrote in little_world,
Obelia medusa

The inside of my dollhouse is finished at last!

EDIT: I took some new pictures to replace the most blurry ones, and added a few more hobbit-eye views. ;) 

'Tis time to go on a virtual tour of Tiny Bag End!  I should warn you, there are about 30 pictures behind this cut.  But, come on, how else am I going to celebrate the (near) completion of the interior of my dollhouse?  :P

(If you came upon this post at random and have no idea what's going on, you can find out the backstory here.)

X-posted to my journal

Edit Dec. 13 2007: I've posted pictures of Tiny Bag End all decorated for Christmas.  Come see!  :)

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