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Miniature Paintings -- Mid-century Modern

Today I had my 1/12 scale miniature paintings appraised by a dollhouse collectible dealer.  It was an inspiring and interesting assessment.  Of the 24 paintings I presented, she selected 8 which she thought had the best selling potential: 2 realistics and 6 moderns.  She suggested pricing them between $250 and $500 (I never imagined pricing them that high :D), and mentioned that mid-century design is becoming the new big thing among dollhouse collectors.  She also said she doesn't know of any other 1/12 scale painters who are doing high-end moderns right now (and this is someone who travels to the national Tom Bishop shows and would know).

She had some good suggestions for period appropriate framing, and which subject matter for realistics has the best selling potential right now.  She said I should do more Minnesota scenes for the summer tourism market (me being from MinnesOta, doncha know).  My biggest surprise was that she wanted to price my painting of the Pilchuck River at $500.  (Me: "Yipes!  Really??  That MUCH?!")  Of course she also added that high-end originals sell very slowly.

Anyway, I'm psyched now to do more paintings!

Abstract 8
This was her favorite modern.

Pilchuck River, Washington Stat

Tiny Bag End

Tiny Nativities!

This community has been pretty quiet lately, but I thought I'd post some pics of the tiny stable I made for my Playmobil Nativity set today. :) I got the Playmobil set last year, and loved the quality of the people, animals, and accessories, but the stable was disappointingly made of cheap cardboard! A few weeks ago I saw these stables, made of untreated wood on a particle board base--at Target of all places--and thought it would be perfect for my Playmobils. :) I stained the wood and covered the base with this plastic sheet that is supposed to look like rock, something I originally got for my hobbit dollhouse but never used. I wove some pieces of plastic fern through the back to make a backdrop, and glued some fish gravel, sand, and coloured lichen here and there to make the stable look a bit decrepit.

Here it is the final result:

I really like the three Playmobil wise men; they are quite colourful, and came with a camel. :)  The angel on top is interesting... she came with a little gold wand that had a star on top, which I found rather puzzling. Was it supposed to be a magic wand?!  I must have missed that part of the Christmas story. :P Collapse )